Updates - 5/13/2021

D. Paul Harrison | 13 May 2021

Links, recommendations, and reviews. A regular update.

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Charity Case

D. Paul Harrison | 07 April 2021

A man working at a telethon to raise money for childhood cancer finds out that the charity is more than it seems. NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2021 Honorable Mention.

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Going Freelance

D. Paul Harrison | 30 March 2021

tl;dr: I am available for freelance work in writing or product management/game production, though if you need a portfolio… I am working on it. (though you can find a resume at https://dpaulh.me/resume). Also if you’ve worked freelance at all and have things you wish you knew when you were starting, let me know.

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A Second Post

D. Paul Harrison | 21 February 2021

The entire purpose of this post is to fix the side-nav in the blog section. Inexplicably, it will totally work.

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Starting Over

D. Paul Harrison | 18 January 2020

I’ve been pretty quiet on social media this last couple months of pandemic, so I figured I might give longer-form stuff a try. I’m still figuring out tags and categories that I might want, so some things may change a bit.

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