Starting Over

D. Paul Harrison, 18 January 2020

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I’ve been pretty quiet on social media this last couple months of pandemic, so I figured I might give longer-form stuff a try. I’m still figuring out tags and categories that I might want, so some things may change a bit.

It isn’t for want of anything to say, and isolating myself is my usual reaction to stress, which isn’t super-healthy. This, then, will act as a place for me to post things, and eventually I’ll be comfortable linking people to it.

Generally, my quarantine activities have moved into three areas: Writing, game design, and playing video games. Which is fine, though I miss doing these things out in the world. I get inspired by moving around and talking to people, and lacking that has caused some severe block. And while social media and talking to friends online can create the same effect, it’s harder for me to initiate this, because I don’t feel comfortable initiating anything, as a person.