Deep Updates - 5/31/2021

D. Paul Harrison, 31 May 2021

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Missed a day, but back on track! I mean, I hope. Friday next week is when I am going to start publicizing this more, and we’ll see where it goes from there. This is, in the end, mainly for me, but in lieu of ever wanting to use Facebook again, it’s a place to do things.

Work stuff

I’m starting to actively look for other contract and part-time opportunities, but I think I am going to get through this first freelancer quarterly tax season (current thoughts: I DID THIS TO MYSELF. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF), and then go from there. I’m fine if I don’t, which is a good place to be in, but I should diversify.

Current writing

Not many updates here - I made a decision on what I am going to write, and have started outlining. Going to solidify my deadlines and get some work done there. I spent some time this weekend cleaning my desk and rearranging things, which I did instead of writing. Was it worth it? Maybe. That’s what the featured image is this week.

What I’m reading


Generic BOOK update, I’m flipping between a bunch of different things from the (digital) local library, haven’t solidified on anything yet.

X-Men: Legacy by Mike Carey and many artists

I’ve been listening to The Cerebro Podcast, which most recently had Mike Carey on, and it reminded me how much I liked this run. There was some I hadn’t read - I started picking it up, and have a lot of the single issues, around 2010, but hadn’t read the earlier stuff.

It is additive, interesting, and does great things with characters that only recently are getting spotlights. This is probably the X-Men that sold me on the X-Men, beyond what I knew from the cartoon as a child.

What I’m playing

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Pleasant, pro-union, fantastic, fantastic soundtrack. There’s still some early access issues to iron out (the fact I can’t exit a game in between breaking up a single ship, and having the ship saved, is insane, but apparently is some problem they are having in unity), but I love it. I’ve used this term a lot, but it’s a good hang. The monotony that then explodes into uh… explosions, is a better feeling than many other games I enjoy.


Back on track, looking forward to sharing these more. Will try to have more detailed reviews and more links.