Keyboard Travelogue

D. Paul Harrison, 03 June 2021

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Careening about the road of life like some kind of car on fire

Happy pride month! No one’s reading these yet, though Monday, I am going to start tweeting and Facebooking these new posts. Probably could figure out some way for them to automatically tweet or post from RSS - may look into that tonight.

Things are actually fine, though stuff is still difficult to do. I feel like I’m existing within molasses, a smothering pressure from all sides. Part of it is how disappointed and afraid I am of politics, it seems like our problems are more intractable than ever. I know this doesn’t make me unique, many people are feeling like this, but I think I need to dedicate more time to actually helping. It is hard to start, though, even if I know, intellectually, every little bit helps.

I feel like I am starting to get some of the creative fire back, and with this creative fire, comes the other fire that is associated with it. The fire that wants something better, the fire that makes me want to be out in the world and help make it better. Right now, it’s enough for me to just get my thoughts somewhere like here. This was a good idea.

Pride month

I am asexual/ace! We’re that little trailing A in the LGBTQIA+ acronym. I generally just say “queer,” when fitting myself into an aggregate, if it comes up, which it doesn’t, since I don’t talk to many people outside a small circle since pandemic. Also, while I do own it, it is frankly pretty easy to be, for me, and I know it can’t be for others. But that label helps me contextualize myself.

It’s quiet, but an important part of me, and I’m proud of it.

Current writing

Got a few thousand words into an outline for something I am tentatively calling The Voice in the Darkness, which will 100% not be the final title. Within the next 30 days, I am going to do another draft of Employment, my 30-minute sci-fi pilot, and resubmit for coverage. It got very, very good ratings in the last draft, and I need to get back to it. What I’d like to do is get Darkness done and out to beta readers on the prose side, then head back into scripts.

What I’m reading

Answer hazy, ask again later.

The Hellfire Gala

I attempted to resist buying all the Hellfire Gala stuff in X-Men currently, and uh, failed. It is so, so good.

Parts of books

As for books, re-reading some random stuff casting around for something to grab me.

What I’m playing

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

I’ve hit a compulsive point with this, and have to stop. I’m doing it instead of standing around and thinking, which generally isn’t healthy for me. I’ll probably come back to it once it is out of early access - with more of a narrative in it, and some extra balance, it’ll be something really special. It already is, but it’s very… backgroundy. I feel like a more narrative element, some more mystery stuff, will make it less so.


Just started, and love the look of it so far.


Only played one round so far, but this game (by Inkle Studios, behind 80 Days), is so far, so good. Will have more to say about this later.


That’s it for today, no-readers. I look forward to sharing these with more people at some point soon, but even if it’s just for me, it’s, well, working.

I’ve been doing some more stuff on my own computers, and on the server hosting this thing. Probably gonna tune the design a bit before I get this more public on Monday, which is probably at least going to entail the TOC being a more list + permalink, like you see on similar blogs to this one.