Experienced Points - 6/6/2021

D. Paul Harrison, 06 June 2021

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Really starting to feel better, starting to feel like the pandemic is slightly behind for me. Actively looking for contract work, and making good progress on writing (as you can see below). By end of month, I’ll have a few submissions somewhere for prose, and then the waiting begins.

It’s hard, when I am setting my own schedule, to really allow myself to have weekends, but I have for this one. It takes more mental stability than I have ever possessed to not guilt myself over relaxing, but I think I’m getting better at it. At least until the next emergency happens, and I panic, and freak out. I’m doing what I planned, and I know it is going to take a while, but I still feel like an utter idiot and failure pretty constantly.

What I’m reading

Pieces of books

I think I am going to finish Abraham Reisman’s Stan Lee Biography next, which I loved what I’ve read so far, but it hits a little close to home. Stan Lee’s lack of class consciousness, along with his unabashed grifting, reminds me intensely of my father, in a way that I never really got to deal with. This is probably a good reason to finish it, if nothing else, as it’s helping me contextualize Stan Lee in context with my father, as two Jewish men from first or second generation immigrant families in New York who decided at some point to remake their lives.

Adjectiveless x-Men (1991)

Started reading the ‘91 X-Men on Marvel Unlimited, a lot of stuff I haven’t read before. So far, not as good as the best older X-Men stuff (which, I think, is the original New Mutants between Claremont and Louise Simonson), but god damn, it looks great.

What I’m writing

1500 word flash fiction story

This is a goal to submit to a flash fiction place, and I haven’t quite started yet. Mostly mentioning here to convince me to do it.

Voice in the Darkness: 10,000 word short story (Current count: 0)

Almost done with an outline I am happy with, next week is when I will get some more serious wordcounts out of this. So far, the outline is around 2500 words itself, but that shit doesn’t count. Blueprints ain’t buildings.

What I’m playing


A reverse murder-mystery by inkle studios, I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I did their game 80 Days, but it’s still very good. Quick, yet deep, and is on a boat, which inspired me to start…

Sea of Thieves

Playing mostly solo so far, but think I’ve found a few friends to play with. It’s beautiful, and possesses boats, which is what I was looking for. I love a game where the navigation parts are amazing, so it actually makes you feel good about just existing within the world.


Gonna make a post tomorrow that’ll really be the first one I share places, along with some screed on Facebook about why I’m doing things this way. Without posting this places, this is, in fact, just journalling. Which has been helpful to me, for sure! So maybe I shouldn’t disregard it.