Experienced Points 7/1/2021

D. Paul Harrison, 01 July 2021


Still been rough going, but I think I’m going to plan some time off soon and try to reset. My current plan of drinking until I reboot is not actually helping. On the other hand, maybe it is. I only feel like it makes things worse when I feel bad, and things better when I feel good, and the balance has been severely upset.

Partially, this is professional frustration, figuring out how to apply my skills to freelancing is taking up too much of a my mind. I need to really just focus on getting things submitted for writing, and then worrying about it. I’m fine. I’m doing fine. It’s hard to convince myself of this.

What I’m Writing

Voices - 1500 word (1300/1500)

Re-editing before next Monday, this is turning out pretty well. Got it out to some beta readers and some good feedback, will finish by Monday.

What I’m playing

Sea of Thieves

Still good, probably the multiplayer game I’ve played the most in years.

What I’m reading

Dark Knights: Death Metal (Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, various artists)

Read through all of this on DC Universe, barring the final parts. I like it! Will probably have more to say after it’s over.

Been reading so much Marvel stuff recently, it’s been fun hopping back over to DC.

What I’m watching

The Good Fight Season 5

Look, I’m not gonna expound on this show every week, but Wallace Shawn is back in the latest episode and he is one of my favorite reoccurring characters in this series. Ugh. So good.


That’s it for me for today!