Experienced Points - 7/8/2021

D. Paul Harrison, 08 July 2021


Been a week of productivity and attempting to reset myself through means other than alcohol. I’m taking a solid week off drinking, and am on the 5th day. Apparently I wasn’t as dependent as I thought - no major side effects, though I’ve been giving myself leeway to just sit and stare into space a bit.

I’m going out to a comedy show tomorrow for the first time since pandemic, and am going to continue not drinking over the weekend, though I may regret this. The anxiety inherent in this act is substantial for me. As mentioned, I’ve discovered new and unplumbed depths of agoraphobia, but I think it’s a good start, going somewhere I am comfortable.

I’m not sure when I’m going to get back to my old rules - no alcohol in the house, no binge drinking - as I’m not sure when regular, solo, bar trips will become a thing, especially with Covid jumping back up. But, still, something to look forward to.

What I’m writing

Voices - 1500 words (no progress)

I’ve been working on notes and rewrite outlines, and I still hope to either finish this up tomorrow (I have a day off contracting), or early next week.

Flash Fiction for Contest

Starts at midnight (eastern?) on Friday, my main goal is to make it out of round one. I’ve at least gotten honorable mention/runner-up every time I’ve done this, so it’s not unattainable. Just gotta push that extra little bit, and I know where my weaknesses are. These weaknesses are mainly endings, I tend to write short stories as vignettes in a larger story that you don’t see. This is extremely wrong (for these contests, at least), as there needs to at least be an internal ending. This time, I will do this.

What I’m reading

Action Comics (Grant Morrison/Rags Morales and Brian Michael Bendis/an artist)

Continuing a bunch of Superman reads, starting with the new 52 Action reboot. I’ve actually finished the Morrison part and am in the Lobdell high-crossover stuff now, and it’s not quite as fun as Grant’s, but still good. I haven’t read the Greg Pak stuff before, and that’s next, and I am very excited.

DC Universe and Marvel Unlimited do a job but not a great job with flipping you between different series for storylines - unless you’re in an actual storyline container, it will not tell you “Hey this said continued in Superman 94 - wanna get into it?”, which sucks more for Action/Detective to Superman/Batman than anything else in the big two.

I know it would take effort, but I see it as one of the primary benefits of reading comics this way.

What I’m playing

Sea of Thieves

Still playing this pretty regularly with friends, it’s still very nice. It’s just pleasant to exist within. It is full of water.

Boomerang X

I haven’t started this yet, but bought it today, and am very excited to dive into it. It’s a high-octane old school FPS with PS1-style graphics! Those are all things I deeply enjoy


Thanks for reading. Haven’t been sharing this as much as I intended, but I think I’m going to leave that for when I write more on reviews or have more to say on my own stuff. Not sure. Automating it would take some of the sting out, and I have the Zap set up to do this, it’s just… off, currently.