4 - Experienced Points

D. Paul Harrison, 20 August 2021


Hey all, definitely not been keeping a good schedule on this, so going back to generic titling. Just one last barrier off me to actually posting. Things have been going alright, I’m still a bit burnt out, but I’m taking a full month off from drinking, and then will probably consider whether to reinstate my “no drinking at home” rule that went out the door the moment the pandemic started, and I… had no choice. I am very functional when drinking, but it was beginning to be excessive again. Probably will improve my health, as well.

There’s been a lot of talk recently of people missing “office culture,” which, to me, sounds insane. The amount of time I have wasted in meetings in my life is not something I actually look forward to ever returning to, and it’s hard to feel like any office I am likely to work will not be completely remote in the future. This is the bubble bursting on commercial real estate, as much as it can, and as leases come up for renewal again many offices are going to choose to at least downsize.

The culture of micromanagement and monitoring employees went out, it feels, in the early 2010s. More places are understanding that allowing people to work from wherever encourages an actual productive culture, and want to continue it.

Oh well, it may work out in the end.

What I’m writing

48-hour Short Script contest

This weekend! Hopefully will kickstart me into something.

What I’m playing

Axiom Verge 2

I hadn’t really paid attention to this until the day it was announced, which I guess I am glad about. I 100% this last week, and it was a delightful experience. I’ve read somethings that say it’s more “sedate” than the first one, which I guess is true, and this encourages exploration.

My next game is probably going to be AV1 again. When I first played it, it made me love this genre (search-action/metroidvania) in a way I had not before. Similar to how I feel about survival games, I never found the main part of the genre that compelling, but the combination of story, items, and pace of both Axiom Verge games feels like an utter masterclass in the genre.

It helps, of course, that it’s just super fun.

What I’m reading

The Scavenger Door by Suzanne Palmer

More thoughts later, but an enjoyable end to a trilogy.


It for me today, have a good weekend!